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The mission of the University of Alabama Radiation Safety Program is to provide the means necessary for personnel to protect themselves, their coworkers, the general public, and the environment from detrimental effects of radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment used under the UA Radiation Safety Program. Its mission is also to provide day- to-day oversight and services to meet the goals of the UA Lab Safety and UA Radiation Safety Programs. 110363_ZR_073_Robot_LabThe University of Alabama uses radioactive isotopes and radiation generating equipment under a general license from the Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control.  For the purposes of this program, UA is treated as an single entity.  Therefore the license for the possession and use of radioactive isotopes and radiation generating equipment is issued to the institution, which in terms approves and sublicenses individual users within UA. Registration of Personnel In Order to work in an area with sources you must have training and be registered under the sublicense responsible for that particular area. Registration is on a case by case basis and is dependent on training, experience and the nature of the lab in question. Training does not entitle individuals to work in all radiation source areas. In addition, regulations require an accurate and lab specific registration of personnel. Sublicenses and their corresponding Registration of Personnel follows. In order to view the registration of personnel click on the sublicensee.

Radiation Policy Detailed information about all UA policies regarding radiation can be found in the UA Radiation Safety Manual .  All manuals and program documents for this program are approved by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Hal Barrett, the Radiation Control and Advisory Committee (RCAC), and the Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control.  All personnel associated with the management of these programs must be approved by Office of Radiation Control.  These regulations and program requirements must be followed by all radiation users.  As part of the license granted to the institution, changes and amendments to approved policies may only be made with approval of the Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control.  Changes or amendments to the sublicenses issued by UA to radiation users may only be made with approval from the RSO and the RCAC.

Radiation Safety Program Information

Initial and annual training is required of all persons who work with radioactive sources. Training information is available by request from the RSO hbarrett@fa.ua.edu.   September of each year is the month when all persons complete their annual training.  This is required regardless of when initial training was completed. Information about ordering radioactive sources, radiation producing equipment or other items can be found in Ordering Information. Shipping of radioactive materials or radiation containing or producing equipment of any type is potentially subject to DOT and/or IATA regulations.  Please review our Shipping Information. Laboratory Decommissioning guidelines and equipment/room tags are posted at Forms and Supporting Documents.  Before anyone else can move into a lab room, all lab spaces MUST be decommissioned (by the exiting Lab PI or Research Group) anytime you relinquish control the space for any reason.

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