Environmental Health and Safety provides safety-related training for faculty, staff and students at UA.  The primary system for delivering safety training is SkillSoft Academy.   You will need your mybama ID and your CWID to log in to the Academy. All initial notices of training assignments are delivered via your mybama email account, which is the University’s primary method of communication.

Additional information related to safety training can be located within the Safety Training Policy.

IMPORTANT: Since your PC or Mac must meet minimum system requirements to run this training software, you must first perform the SkillSoft Browser Capabilities Check prior to taking any courses. The results of this check will provide you with links to resources for downloading Java as well as making any needed changes to your computer settings.

Training assignments are based on:

  • Employment classification
  • Departmental association
  • Research activities
  • Course selection
  • Job duties


Request Training Courses

To request a training course, please complete the Training Request form below.  Registration for these courses are free. A listing of available training courses via the SkillSoft Academy is available.

If you would like to register for an in person laboratory equipment safety training course contact EHS using the form below and provide details in the comment section. Please select the laboratory equipment below.


Chemical Fume Hood

Biological Safety Cabinet

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Training Request

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Safety Training Documentation

Safety Training is implemented in a two-phased approach.  The first phase includes generalized safety training, which often is provided and documented by EHS, while the second phase of the safety training includes the job-specific training normally offered on the jobsite and documented by the supervisor or manager.  Employees, students, contractors and guests under the requirements of safety training are responsible for completing all required safety training (including, but not limited to, training outlined necessary by EHS and departmental/specific safety training).

Documentation related to safety training will vary based upon the provider of the safety training, along with the type or method of training (examples: instructor-led, computer-based, or direct peer-to-peer training).

It is the responsibility of the individual receiving the safety training to provide documentation of their training to their supervisor, once training is successfully completed. Supervisors must maintain this record as documentation of successful completion of safety training.

Documentation of computer-based safety training offered through Skillsoft Training Academy (“The Academy”) can be obtained by the account holder logging into the system and selecting “View Transcript”. Listed are steps for accessing a training transcript on The Academy.

Additionally, there are ways to document training for your supervisor or Laboratory PI to have access to copies of your training transcript or certificates through current campus resources.

See below:

  • Recommended procedures for employees to document training through the UA LMS as External Training.
    • Note: This process will allow any employee the ability to upload a copy of their certificate or a copy of their transcript (example, Training Academy Transcript) for review by their direct supervisor.  Only direct supervisors will have access to review external training documentation.
    • This is a recommended procedure for an employee to provide training verification to their supervisor when training is offered through Skillsoft Skillport Training Academy or another third party.
    • For additional instructions on uploading External Training into UA LMS.
  • Recommended procedures for laboratory personnel (PI) to document training through BioRAFT.
    • Note:  This process will allow any laboratory personnel to document training completions through the BioRAFT Group Profile.
    • This is a recommended procedure for a laboratory member to provide training verification to their Lab PI when training is offered through Skillsoft Skillport Training Academy or another third party.
    • For additional instructions on uploading External Training into BioRAFT.
    • For instructions on viewing training documentation once it has been uploaded into a Lab Group Profile on BioRAFT, please review here.

To request more information on Training Documentation, please contact EHS at 205-348-5905.