120445_JH_Shelby_QuadThis program has been developed to provide guidance to faculty, staff, and students in an effort to effectively establish and maintain a safe and healthful work environment, and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations while at The University of Alabama.

This program is intended to serve as a reference guide through which all University personnel may familiarize themselves with the policies, procedures, and precautions necessary to work safely at UA. It is by no means a complete or all-encompassing source of health and safety information and is a supplement to other rules, regulations and policies developed by EHS for specific hazards or programs.

The General Safety Program includes:


For training topics or links to general training information contact Christy Herron.

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Past General Safety Topics and Newsletters:

May Newsletter – How to Stay Healthy in the Heat:
As we approach higher temperatures it is extremely important to remind supervisors and employees of the warning signs for heat illnesses, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Most of the resources listed on the newsletter come from OSHA or a related group. As always, I would recommend supervisors or employees with questions contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) for additional guidance and information related to safety issues or concerns on campus.