The Life Safety Unit supports the mission of EHS by providing critical guidance and oversight of life safety policies that govern people and operations on campus, as well as inspecting life safety equipment for the University of Alabama and ensuring compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Code Council (ICC) regulatory codes and standards. The Life Safety Unit provides services to all UA buildings, this includes the inspection of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and all exit signs and emergency egress lighting along with any other general safety concerns. In addition to these, the Life Safety Unit conducts inspections and maintenance on all University AED’s (AED Policy) along with stop the bled kits located in AED cabinets. The Life Safety Unit also conducts kitchen inspections in all Greek houses, Capstone Village and is the Tuscaloosa County Health Department Liaison for all other food services on campus to include all of athletics. Throughout the year, the Life Safety Unit, along with other responsibilities conducts additional inspections for all social events and GUP’s held on campus.  The Life Safety Unit is intended to serve as a resource through which all University personnel may familiarize themselves with the policies, procedures, and precautions necessary to work safely at UA.


The Life Safety Program includes:


Training is required for personnel depending on the hazards involved in spaces or by departments. Information about training and the training course request can be found at Training Information.