At The University of Alabama, when a student group applies for approval of a social event through The Source, EHS receives notification of that application as well as many other departments. Initiative is then taken to inspect the house or location for safety violations. There is a fire safety inspection checklist that is followed to assure the location meets basic life safety regulations. If the deficiencies found during the inspection are not corrected as outlined, then the event is not approved and the event request will be denied by EHS. If all deficiencies have been corrected, the social event may be considered for approval by EHS and other entities involved in the approval process on The Source.

Inspection Items

  • Review of fire alarm system
  • Inspect all fire extinguishers
  • Evaluate exit and emergency lights
  • Check for trip hazards
  • Stairwells and hallways clear
  • Mechanical areas clear
  • Inspect smoke alarms
  • General condition of facility
  • Condition of kitchen
  • Functionality of exit doors
  • Security of areas such as roof
  • Approval of structures and any planned decorations
  • Emergency plans posted