The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) strives for compliance with all chemical, biological and environmental regulations, standards, guidelines and best practices. This includes EPA and ADEM standards regarding Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAAs).

EHS provides a free waste disposal service to all researchers and lab personnel. The process begins when an end user submits a waste disposal request. Following this request, EHS personnel retrieve the stated disposal items from the specified research and/or teaching labs. Then transports these items to the EHS Chemical Storage Facility (CSF). Wastes are then stored according to hazard class for no longer than 90 days.

Request for Chemical Pick-up

Research/Teaching Labs – All unwanted chemical pickup requests for research and teaching labs are handled online through the waste disposal request.

All Others –  All other areas that need a chemical pickup may utilize the same online method by simply submitting a waste disposal request.

Labeling of Chemical Containers 

If chemical waste is generated, observe the following criteria for labeling:

  • Have a clean and compatible receptacle readily available
  • Securely attach a SAA Hazardous Waste Label onto the receptacle
    • The waste label should include:
      • The full chemical name(s). DO NOT write chemical structures, formulas or abbreviations.
      • The chemical percentages must total 100 percent
  • The chemical container should have a lid/cover/top that will close securely. Five Gallon buckets must have at least two inches of clearance from the top to close securely.
  • Only combine compatible chemicals. Be aware of incompatibilities and be specific.
  • EHS will not accept UNKNOWNS. All chemical containers must be labeled indicating the contents.


EHS is unable to accept and store unknown chemicals. If unknown chemicals are discovered in your area, attach a SAA hazardous waste label including any and all generator knowledge.

For more information regarding chemical management or disposal contact EHS at 348-5905.