Online Training for Millennium CBRN Gas Mask:  (You might want to print these instructions)

Go to the MSA-U Training Center and click “Sign Up“.  After you sign up you will need to login, then look under the Training tab and click on “By Market“.  Under the tab Select a Market, click on “Law Enforcement”.  After you click on Law Enforcement, a tab labeled Interactive will appear.  The training for Millennium CBRN Gas Mask is the 2nd choice.  Click on “Launch Training”, the video will start, give a brief description of the courses and a warning/disclaimer.  When it stops there will be 5 sections (Preparation, Inspection, Donning and Doffing, Cleaning, Warnings and Cautions) that you must click on separately to play each section.  After you view all 5 sections, take the quiz at the end.  If you do not pass, retake the training and the test.

When you have completed training, your should also complete the Medical Evaluation Form – Respiratory Protection.  Fill it out and send it Campus Mail to EHS, Box 870178.  We will forward it to University Medical Center to be reviewed by a nurse/doctor (EHS personnel will not see or review the completed forms).  Once UMC notifies us that you have been approved for respirator use, we will contact you and schedule a fit test.