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The primary objective of the Biosafety Program at The University of Alabama is to ensure a safe environment for faculty, staff and students while working with all types of biological materials. To mitigate the inherent risks associated with the laboratory setting, we seek to build a culture of safe and compliant work practices at the university.  Our office also seeks to facilitate collaborative outreach between investigators at UA and the larger academic community. Also, our office provides a route to properly dispose of both biologically hazardous and regulated medical wastes through our contracted disposal service.

Biosafety Program Information

Specific information about the UA Biological Safety Program can be found under The University of Alabama Department of Research & Economic Development as part of Research Compliance. Currently, The University of Alabama approves the use of Risk Group 1 & 2 biohazardous agents.  Applicable regulations and guidelines can be located on the UA Biological Safety Program site.

Research Compliance provides guidance related to proper disposal of biological materials. Laboratory Decommissioning guidelines and equipment/room tags are posted at EHS Forms and Supporting Documents.  Before anyone else can move into a lab room, all lab spaces MUST be decommissioned (by the exiting Lab PI or Research Group) anytime you relinquish control of the space for any reason.

Project Registration

It is the policy of The University of Alabama to have all work involving biological material, as well as, all work involving recombinant or synthetic DNA reviewed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).  Approval must be granted before work begins.  To submit a project or protocol for review, please complete a Biological Use Authorization. 

Information about ordering biological materials, chemicals or other items can be found on the EHS Ordering Information site. Shipping of biological materials of any type is potentially subject to DOT and/or IATA regulations.  Please review our Shipping Information. Additional information about the Sharps logs, Medical Waste or Bloodborne Pathogen Programs can be found in:

Additional information about the IBC and the BUA review process can be found on the Biosafety Page of the Office of Research Compliance.

Additional Information

  • Information about training and the training course request can be found at EHS Training.
  • To submit Monthly Autoclave Logs to EHS, click here.