Most of the buildings on campus, academic, non-academic and housing, including fraternity and sorority houses, are equipped with fire alarm systems. These systems are comprised of initiating devices, such as smoke detectors, duct detectors, heat detectors, and pull stations. Notification appliances are also present to provide direction and warning of an alarm situation to the building occupants. A large portion of the fire alarm systems on campus are on the UA network and monitored by Security Resources 24/7 and by EHS M-F 6:00AM-4:30PM. When a building’s fire alarm system activates, the dispatchers contact Tuscaloosa Fire and direct them to the building in alarm. The network operates on the UA internal communication infrastructure. Those buildings with fire alarm systems not monitored by this network are routed to monitoring agencies outside UA. Their response is somewhat different. As required, when an alarm occurs these agencies dispatch Tuscaloosa Fire to the affected building and then, secondly, they notify UAPD dispatch of the alarm status. Tuscaloosa Fire and UAPD will respond. EHS will respond at the request of either Tuscaloosa Fire or UAPD.

Anytime the fire alarm system activates or sounds in a campus building, all occupants should evacuate in a timely and organized manner. Once outside, occupants should gather at a pre-determined assembly point and verify that all occupants are present. No one should re-enter the building until cleared to do so by the Tuscaloosa Fire Department, UAPD or EHS.

EHS personnel maintain and inspect UA fire alarm systems. They maintain NICET credentials that are recognized throughout the fire alarm industry. Below is a contact list of those responsible for maintaining the fire alarm systems on campus.

  • Larry Cooper – Fire Safety Manager
    • Jenn Gault – Fire Alarm Technician II
    • Caleb Hill – Fire Alarm Technician II
    • Justen Cameron – Fire Alarm Technician I