Routinely, EHS personnel inspect and test safety equipment in academic, non-academic, and housing (including fraternity and sorority houses) facilities on campus. These inspections include a basic review of any safety hazards and equipment currently placed in the facility, as well as a more in-depth review based upon the type of equipment. EHS routinely inspects smoke alarms, exit lights, emergency lights, fire extinguishers and AEDs for integrity and, when applicable, tested for functionality. EHS oversees the repairs of damaged equipment, the replacement of missing equipment and makes recommendations to address concerns regarding equipment that may need to be installed in the building or replaced. EHS also conducts routine maintenance or oversees the maintenance process. For instance, all batteries are replaced in smoke alarms during the summer months in housing facilities and fraternities and sororities on campus. Additionally EHS has technicians on-call after hours to address any safety concern regarding building safety equipment. For afterhours assistance with safety equipment contact UAPD non-emergency line at 205-348-5454 to request assistance with a safety matter.

Additionally, all inspections and tests conducted on equipment are conducted in accordance with the governing standards and/or manufacturer’s recommendations. EHS personnel work to complete these monthly inspections in a timely manner being as unobtrusive as possible. Any questions or comments regarding these inspections should be addressed directly to EHS at 205-348-5905.

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