Temporary Structures Information and Instructions…

  • If the tent is greater than 400 sq ft a permit is required.
  • Tent may be anchored by weights or driven spikes; if secured via driven spikes line locates are required prior to permitting.
  • If anchoring via in ground, please ensure line locates have been completed, this needs to be requested well in advance of event. Visit this link Pre-Excavation Notification and Sign-Off Sheet.pdf
  • Structure shall be fire resistant. This can be determined to be flame resistant through NFPA 70, Test Method 2, tagged, certification stamp, or flame test at each
  • 20-foot separation shall be provided between the structure and other tents, canopies, parked vehicles, or internal combustion engines. For the purpose of determining required distances, support ropes and guy wires shall be considered as part of the tent/canopy. Contact EHS for questions or variance at 205-348-5910 or Environmental Health & Safety | The University of Alabama
  • If tent has sides, exits from tent/canopy shall be evident, evenly spaced, maintained free of obstructions and aisle shall have clearances of at least 48 inches provided in the tent/canopy where required.
  • Minimum number of exits are as follows
    • 10-199 TWO exits with a minimum exit width of 72 inches
    • 200-499 THREE exits with a minimum exit width of 72 inches
    • 500+ FOUR exits with a minimum exit width of 96 inches
  • “Exit” signs will be provided on closed sided structure for occupancy loads of 50 or more.
  • Exits signs shall have emergency power for occupancy loads exceeding 300.
  • One fire extinguisher (Type 2-A) shall be provided for structures up to 500 square feet. For structures larger than this please contact EHS for additional requirements.
  • Open flame cooking, or cooking that could emit sparks, is not allowed in structures designated for public occupancy or within 20 feet of structures designated for public occupancy. Storage and use of liquid fuels are not permitted in temporary structures.
  • If there is a generator – Generators or transformers shall be separated from temporary structures by not less than 20 feet and isolated from contact with public.
  • A 10lb ABC fire extinguisher shall be provided for each generator or transformer, or where gas is stored.
  • One trained crowd manager shall be present for every 250 people for occupancies of 250 and above.
  • Structure shall be designed to safely resist ground wind speed of 45mph.
  • Temporary structures shall be fully, or partially disassembled anticipation of high wind events as required to ensure campus safety.
  • Minimum design loads must be met and documented by a licensed professional according to the industry standards prior to permitting.


Please contact EHS if you have any questions or concerns. This information will be reviewed prior to permitting.

Temporary Structures Form