Food Service Inspection Guidelines

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) administers the food service programs of certain areas of campus.  The goals of this program are to provide a full-service permitting and inspection program that will ensure the safe operation of food service facilities on campus.  EHS Personnel who perform inspections are ServSafe certified and trained to conduct compliance evaluations.  Food service facilities are permitted by The University, inspected routinely by EHS, and are held to the same food handling and preparation standards as commercial establishments.  The food service program guidelines follow:

  • New food service area plans must be reviewed by EHS prior to opening.
  • Each food service area/kitchen must complete an application for Food Safety Program Permit To Operate.  Please use this online form to submit the information.
  • Each food service area/kitchen must also complete an Employee Information Sheet.
  • Each food service area/kitchen must have a valid permit issued and posted by EHS.
  • Each food service area/kitchen must post the most recent inspection report in a prominent place that may be observed by patrons.
  • EHS will conduct a scored inspection routinely while the kitchen is in operation.
  • EHS may conduct inspections at any time.
  • Inspection scores of less than 80 will result in the closure of the kitchen until corrections are made and the re-inspection score is 90 or above.
  • Inspection scores of 80-85 will result in a re-inspection within three (3) days.
  • A re-inspection score of 90 or greater is required to retain unrestricted operating status.
  • A time frame for correction of major violations may be established by the inspector.  Failure to correct these violations within the established time frame will result in closure until a correction is made and re-inspection criteria are met.
  • Inspections resulting in a restricted operating status or scores of 90 or less will be reported to the appropriate administrative personnel.
  • Guidelines for food handling and preparation are available from the Alabama Department of Public Health.
  • At least one ServSafe certified individual must be present when the kitchen is in operation. Employees needing ServSafe Training may register here: ServSafe Class Registration
  • Application for Exemption for Food Service Temporary Event
  • Tuscaloosa County Health Department Minimum Requirements for All Temporary Food Vendors
  • Food Safety Policy 

For questions about this program, Margaret Barrett at or (205) 348-1753.

View scores related Food Service in all locations on campus.

For information related to catering please visit University of Alabama Risk Management