Fire extinguishers are inspected routinely by EHS personnel and in accordance with NFPA standards. Required maintenance, including recharging and hydrostatic testing, is coordinated by EHS. For specific information on the types of fire extinguishers on campus, placement, or to report an extinguisher as missing or discharged, contact EHS at 205-348-5905. Training, that covers fire safety and the proper use of fire extinguishers, is also available by contacting EHS at 205-348-5905 to request or schedule a class. These classes are held routinely and any faculty member, staff member or student may attend. Additionally, lab groups, Custodial Team members and Housing and Residential Life staff members have special fire safety training classes they attend regarding fire safety. Each semester, Housing and Residential Life includes fire safety training for their staff members during their in-service training time. Discussions during this training session covers what it takes to have a fire, types of fires, types of extinguishers, proper use of extinguishers and the history of fires on campus. Ultimately the goal is that each person attending the class leaves the class understanding more about fires and fire prevention, fire safety on campus and understands their role in campus fire safety.

Fire Extinguisher Training is held monthly on the third Thursday at 3:00PM.